Is Dredging on Simonton Lake That Important?

Dredging removes excess sediment on the floor of Simonton Lake

Is Dredging on Simonton Lake That Important?


In 2011 Simonton Lake Home Owner’s Association had a water quality study done and it was aggressively recommended that the sediment buildup is a risk, especially in the No Wake Zone part of the Chanel.

Sediment comes from may things such as

  • Plant Life De-composing
  • Grass Clippings
  • Leaves
  • Animal waste
  • Erosion of the Soil

Both the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and the Army Corp of Engineers agree that the sediment build up is a legitimate lake issue and are allowing Dredging down to the original lake bottom.

Simonton Lake Dredging in Process

Simonton Lake Dredging in Process

Actual dredging began in late Summer and is now well into the Chanel between Big Simonton and Little Simonton at the Public Boat Access point.  While I was holding a Broker Open House on my Simonton Lake Home for Sale, I watched dump truck after dump truck haul the sledge away.

The benefit to home owners will be a

  • Cleaner Water
  • Clearer Water
  • Deeper Water
  • Better Boating Experience

How does this affect Your Simonton Lake Home Value?  More potential buyers will want to live on or near the lake. The public use will increase and Simonton Lake will be presented in a better picture to the general public.

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