Simonton Lake Homes for Sale 7 Reasons WHY it Didn’t Sell

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The Top 7 Reasons Why your Homes for Sale on Simonton Lake didn’t sell?

Most people take their time when deciding to put their Simonton Lake Homes up for Sale and then ask themselves, why didn’t it sell? A lot of decisions have to be made before contacting a real estate agent to get the ball rolling.  When do we want to move?  Where will our next home be and what kind of home do we want? Taking all the necessary steps and then your Simonton Lake Homes for Sale did not sell, why?

  1. Price: Every Home for Sale on Simonton Lake homes will sell, when you get to the right price. Neither a Home Owner nor a Real Estate Agent can say what a home will sell for.  REALTOR(r)’s can comfortably give a price range that buyers have paid for similar homes most recently.  A buyer isn’t interested in what you think it is worth, how much you owe on it or whether or not you need more money to get out of debt.  A buyer will make an offer of what your home is worth to them. Was your Simonton Lake Homes for Sale at the right price or what you hoped to get for it?
  2. Professional Photography: It is true, you only get one chance to make a great first impression of the home you want to sell on Simonton Lake.  Your potential Buyer will see your home for the first time on the internet.  They will rely on great photo’s to show them every little detail about your home, your front and back yard and the Neighborhood you live in, whether it is a Subdivision or out in the country, they want to see professional photographs. Did you have professional photographs highlighting your Simonton Lake Homes for Sale and all the benefits of living there?
  3. Simonton lake home for sale 7 reasons why it didn't sellCurb Appeal: This is your second impression, make it count.  Clean front porch, swept sidewalk and/or driveway, neat planters with thick lush mulch and beautiful plantings.  All around the outside of the house has to be appealing to their eye.  What does your home look like in the landscaping department?
  4. Simonton Lake Home for Sale 7 reasons why it didn't sell
  5. Simonton Lake Home for Sale 7 reasons why it didn't sellYour Home MUST be Ultra Clean:  Dust Bunnies in the corner behind the couch or cobwebs are a big no-no. The buyer must believe they could eat off of the floor because it is spotless! Buyers want to believe your home is well maintained. Does your home fit this discription?
  6. The Real Estate Agent You Choose:  Not all Real Estate Agents are created equal. 93% of Home Buyers are on the internet six months to a year before they are ready to buy.  Your Real Estate Agent should already be there feeding them information about what homes are available, what the buying process is and references from past clients.  Where does your previous Agent stack up in Social Media?

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7.  Accessibility:  Is your Simonton Lake homes for sale available to be shown at a moments notice? Sometimes, for some reason, a real estate agent is showing homes in your area and did not know about yours.  They call and ask if they can show it right now, while they have their Buyer out looking at homes for sale on Simonton Lake.  This is important!

So, why did your Simonton Lake Homes for Sale expire without an acceptable offer?  How did you stack up to the top reasons a home didn’t sell?  Did you go over these things with your real estate agent before putting your home on the market?

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