Simonton Lake Home for Sale SOLD in 43 Days!

Home for Sale Simonton Lake, Simonton Lake Home for Sale

It may look like this Simonton Lake Home for Sale, (which sold in just 43 days), didn’t take very long. In reality, the Home Owners and I met almost six months prior to listing the home to talk about what gets a home sold quickly.

Curb Appeal plays a great part in selling a home.  Everything from neat and tidy landscaping to power washing the dust off a home and roof to picking up twigs, grass clippings and pinching off dead flowers.  Neat and tidy flower beds with plenty of mulch and a swept clean front porch all says the Home Owner maintains their home.

Whether you are Selling a Home on Simonton Lake, in town or on another Lake, pricing your home is a huge factor. Unfortunately neither the Home Owner nor the Real Estate Agent get to pick the sales price.  Only a Home Buyer can do that! They are willing to pay however much they are willing to pay.  If the Buyer and Seller cannot reach a mutual agreement, the Buyer continues to look for a home and the Seller will look at other offers.  Pricing your home right at the beginning means less time on the market. I promise I will be honest with you and not just tell you what I think you want to hear…

How does a Real Estate Agent price a home if they are unable to say what it will sell for? This is why we ask you so many questions about your home.  How many bedrooms do you have? Do you have a basement? Is it finished? What about a fireplace? Is your yard fenced? Is the garage attached or detached?  Do you have any out buildings? We take the answer to these and more questions and search our sold files to find a home as close to yours as we can.  It has to be about the same size and age.

Underwriters and Appraisers want proven sales within the past six months and close by.  In some circumstances, we can look at closed sales for the past year.  If the Simonton Lake Home you would like to Sell is truly unique other factors can come into play.

Home Staging is a must if you want to get every penny you can out of your home when you sell it. Once your home is listed for sale, it is no longer your home, it is a product. We want it looking like it is large enough to hold the Buyer’s furniture and warm enough to draw them in with charm.

When you put your Siminton Lake Home for Sale on the market it has to be squeeky clean.  Every corner, every air vent and inside every cabinet and closet has to be clean.  No dust bunnies allowed, anywhere.  Buyer’s will find them even if you don’t and they are a turn off.

Home repairs gone bad will cost you plenty in your sales price. You may know, and I may know that a repair will only cost a specific amount, but I guarantee the Buyer will quadruple it and take it off their offering price.

Selling this Simonton Lake Home for Sale was no mistake! We took the necessary steps to ensure a quick and easy sale. We did what was necessary to WOW a Buyer in record time.

Homes sell all year! Serious Buyer’s are out in the rain and snow and are looking for their next home.  If you are thinking about moving, please give me a call.  I will sit down with you and go over the Selling Process with you.  It is a FREE service and I would be delighted to help you.  I promise, I will take excellent care of you, just as you deserve!

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